Friends of Karura Forest Association

The Karura Forest Reserve is one of the world’s largest forests fully within major city limits, Kenya’s capital Nairobi. The 1,000-hectare upland sclerophyllus forest has been under threat from over-exploitation and unplanned development since it was gazetted in 1932. In 2009, a group of the Karura Forest’s neighbouring stakeholders joined forces to establish and launch the Friends of Karura Forest (FKF) CFA. Since then, with unprecedented support from local corporations and communities FKF and the parastatal Kenya Forest Service have worked together within the terms of a carefully-negotiated Joint Management Plan. In less than a decade, Karura has revived from a place to be avoided to one of the places in Nairobi to be visited. The 200,000 visitors a year — three quarters of whom are Kenyans — demonstrate with their enthusiasm for the project and their entrance fees that well-controlled, participatory forest management can achieve user-driven and sustainable protected area management.

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