About Me

Hi there! My name is George Podaras and I have been tour cycling for most of my adult life. Africa has always been The Big One for me and it was important to me to do it whilst raising awareness towards conservation initiatives.

I am a product of Greek parents, both born in North Africa, whilst I was born in London and raised in Cyprus and the United Arab Emirates. I couldn’t tell you where I am from…….. 

I studied in Southampton and lived in Oxford for some time where I decided to take tour cycling seriously. I am currently in South Africa working as a videographer for at a fantastic organisation that is using tourism to support marine life.



Cycling from the most southern tip of Africa (Cape Agulhas, South Africa) to the most northern (Cape Bon, Tunisia). In association with Linking Tourism & Conservation  and The Dyer Island Conservation Trust,I will raise awareness of the remarkable work that is done across the continent to support conservation in protected natural areas with the help of tourism initiatives.

I will be receiving donations from anyone who would like to sponsor my bicycle ride to support The Dyer Conservation Trust in protecting marine life and tackle the fight against plastic and the decline of wildlife.

To donate and for more information about the charity please click here.


Linking Tourism & Conservation (LT&C)

LT&C is based on the compelling idea that tourism can play the most critical role in ensuring that the UN goal of a complete, representative and well-managed network of protected areas will be achieved by 2020.

LT&C finds and promotes projects, initiatives and businesses that use tourism to sustain protected areas it operates in (LT&C-Examples). LT&C has developed into a global network of members (Penguins) of all levels of society, including individual experts, business companies and organisations, with competence and interests in both tourism and conservation.

Explore the LT&C-Examples I will pass by on my journey!