Once I landed in Iceland I dragged my bike out of baggage claim, unpacked it, assembled it together, threw the box away and cycled away. I went towards my first destination, Gata Free Camping that is a free camping site that only requests donations in return. Iceland was very difficult to cycle for various reasons:

1) Wind: The wind was the strongest I have ever experienced. When lorries would pass me on the road it would create a vacuum with the wind that would pull me towards the back of the lorry. Very dangerous and I recommend keeping an eye on wind direction before setting off


2) Too much luggage: I was heading towards Canada and Iceland was a stop over. Therefore I had to carry more clothes than I needed including my camera bag that contained my laptop and other equipment. The amount of weight was truly ridiculous that I would lean my camera bag

3) My bike was in need of some SERIOUS maintenance: My brakes barely worked, my crank had teeth missing, my cassette needed replacing, I had a bolt missing on my handle bars, a bolt missing on my rack, one of my pedals was coming loose and I don’t know how I manage to ride around the island in one piece………………I also suffered trench foot………



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